Signals from the Periphery is an international graphic design event, taking place from July 1 to August 13, 2017 at the Tallinn Art Hall and its surrounding venues. The project brings together urgent developments in graphic design with a focus on practices that extend the field. These practices often expand into other cultural fields, while creating new hybrid forms, as well as seeking out new economic models to sustain themselves. Signals from the Periphery encompasses an exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall, a satellite exhibition at the EAA gallery, an extensive public programme and a book that will be published to accompany the project.


Exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall:

Signals from the Periphery


Dates: July 1 – August 13
Location: Tallinn Art Hall (Vabaduse väljak 8, Tallinn)

Opening times: Wed—Sun 12:00—18:00


The exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall opens on June 30 at 18:00.


019 (BE), A School For Design Fiction (UK), Åbäke (UK), Timur Akhmetov (NL/RU), Apparition of the Ampersand (NL), Bart de Baets (NL), David Bennewith (NL/NZ), Emilia Bergmark (SE), Bold Decisions (NL), Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite (DE), The Book Society (KR), Kevin Bray (NL/FR), Bulletins of The Serving Library (UK/US), Colophon.info (NL), Jef Cuypers (BE), Dark & Stormy (NL), De Stihl (FR), Dent-de-Leone (UK), Dexter Sinister (US/UK), Dinamo (CH/DE), Jaan Evart (EE/NL), Experimental Jetset (NL), Émilie Ferrat (FR), Evening Class (UK), fanfare (NL), Fatype (DE/EE), Four Corners Books (UK), Luca Frei (SE/CH), Paul Gangloff (NL/FR), Corinne Gisel (CH), Rudy Guedj (NL/FR), Hackers & Designers (NL), Will Holder (UK), JOHANN 3000 (EE), Studio Puckey (NL), Jung-Lee Type Foundry (NL), Carl-Robert Kagge (EE), Sandra Kassenaar (NL), Kirjatehnika (EE), Mathew Kneebone (US/AU), Knock! Knock! Books (EE), Christoph Knoth (DE), Know-How / Show-How (BG), KULENTURATO (NL), James Langdon (UK), The Last Books (NL), Studio Laurenz Brunner (CH), Lotte Schröder (NL), Lugemik (EE), M–L–XL (IT), Studio Manuel Raeder (DE), Karel Martens (NL), Maximage (CH), Janna Meeus & Hilde Meeus (NL), Niklaus Mettler (NL/CH), Moniker (NL), Ott Metusala (NL/EE), Niko Mihaljević (CR), Multistab (EE), Niessen & de Vries (NL), Daniel K Y Norregaard (UK/DK), Officin (DK), Onomatopee (NL), OPS Type (NL), Norman Orro (EE), Or Type (IS), Nina Paim (BR/CH), Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot (NL/UK), Brit Pavelson (EE), Radim Peško (UK/CZ), Ronald Pihlapson (EE), Will Pollard (NL/NZ), Gaile Pranckunaite (LT), Josse Pyl (NL/BE), REDO (XK), Sophie Rogg (NL/CH), Rollo Press (CH), Roma Publications (NL), RP Digital Type Foundry (UK), Felix Salut (NL/CH), San Serriffe (NL), Johannes Schwartz (NL), Daniel Seemayer (NL/DE), Seventeen Playgrounds (NL), Smoke & Dust (BE), split/fountain (NZ), Aimur Takk (EE), Talk Magazine (US), The Taste of The Brain (CH), Jan Tomson (NL/EE), True True True (NL), Lex Trueb (CH), Uus Materjal (EE), The Ventriloquist Summerschool (NO), Boy Vereecken (BE), Werker Magazine (NL), Werkplaats Typografie (NL)




Satellite exhibition at the EAA Gallery:

Maybe, Maybe Not


Dates: July 5 – July 14
Location: EAA Gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Tallinn)
Opening times: Tue – Sat 12:00—18:00


Exhibition conceived by the first year graphic design students from the Estonian Academy of the Arts. The project was guided by Else Lagerspetz and Loore Sundja.


Participants: Grete-Mai Bauvald, Kristjan Hinno, Mikk Tanel Oja, Marcus Pertel, Diandra Rebase, Ran-Re Reimann, Katarina Sarap, Robin Siimann, Joonas Timmi



Signals from the Periphery public programme takes place between July 10 and July 16 at the Tallinn Art Hall. The programme is comprised of workshops, lectures, presentations, performances, music, book launches, film screenings, a reading group and much more. More info and a full schedule will be announced soon!


July 10 – July 13: Workshops
July 14 – July 16: Lectures, presentations and performances

From 14th to 16th July Tallinn Art Hall will host the public programme of the exhibition „Signals from the Periphery“ which includes lectures, performances, film screenings and a pop-up bar.


11.00  Doors
12.45  Lecture Linda van Deursen
14.00  Performance Niko Mihaljević
14.30  Lunch
16.00  Juzo Itami film programme: The Funeral (1984). Introduction by åbäke
18.00  Evening programme: Performance Nora Turato; Presentation of a series of publications by Lieven Lahaye and Ott Metusala; Bar open throughout the evening, music provided by exhibiting designers and artists.


11.00  Doors
11.30  Lecture Kulenturato
12.45  Lecture Studio Manuel Raeder
14.00  Performance Niko Mihaljević
14.30  Lunch
16.00  Juzo Itami film programme: Tampopo (1985)
18.00  Evening programme: Jung-Lee Type Foundry book presentation: Real-Time Realist; Bar open throughout the evening, music provided by exhibiting designers and artists.


11.00  Doors
11.30  Lecture Paul Elliman
12.45  Lecture Daniela&Linda Dostálková
14.00  Performance Niko Mihaljević
14.30  Lunch
16.00  Juzo Itami film programme: A Taxing Woman (1985)
18.00  Evening programme: Music For Your Plants live; Bar open throughout the evening, music provided by exhibiting designers and artists.


Entrance with the exhibition ticket – 3€ / 5€. It is also possible to purchase an 8€ ticket that gives access to the Art Hall during the whole weekend.


NB: there might be changes in the program, we will update it accordingly!


Signals from the Periphery follows up on several themes that depart from the Asterisk Summer School. Thus, the public programme accompanying the exhibition also includes two workshops led by designers and artists that are taking part in the exhibition: the makers behind the fanzine Dark & Stormy (Bart de Baets and Rustan Söderling) and the minds that run the tapestry agency Kulenturato (David Külen and Nora Turato).


Duration: 10.07 – 13.07.2017 (2 x 2 days)

Location: Tallinn Art Hall

Participants: 28

Language: English


The participation fee is €100. This amount includes participating in both workshops and free entrance to the lecture programme taking place 14–16.07 at the Tallinn Art Hall.


Participation in the workshops takes place on a first-come, first-served basis, so act fast!

To participate you are kindly asked to fill in the form below. You are required to add a PDF with an overview of your work (max 5 pages). The summer school is open to people from a variety of disciplines, therefore work of any character and form may be submitted.


Name your file your_name_works.pdf


Maximum size for the PDF is 10 MB. Please be patient with the uploads.


Application deadline is July 5, 2017.



Workshop 1: DARK & STORMY

After Geography


For the launch of each new issue of Dark and Stormy, Rustan and Bart have developed ways to present their fanzine. So far, these presentations have become alternative contributions that take the shape of posters, installations and video pieces. Occasionally, the two end up favouring these pieces over the issue they present that very evening. In a playful workshop, the makers of Dark and Stormy would like to explore the blurred lines of these additional pieces and work with the subject of presentation when there’s nothing really to present. And to perhaps even call it a potential ninth issue.



Rustan Söderling (1984, Gothenburg, Sweden) lives and works in Amsterdam NL. He studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL, graduating in 2009. Söderling works with video, print, writing, editing and design. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Tannhäuser Gate, Crynssenstraat 33, Amsterdam (2017), Over Hang, W139, Amsterdam (2017), the fifth Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow RU (2016); Hidden Depths, Cosmos Carl (online platform) (2016); Tenderflix, international film and video competition, Tenderpixel and ICA London, UK.


Bart de Baets (1979, Knokke, Belgium) is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Since his graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s graphic design department, he has been working on a variety of self-initiated and commissioned projects. Bart’s commissioned work includes a variety of clients: collaborations with artists such as Melanie Bonajo, James Beckett and Adelita Husni-Bey; art institutions as The New Institute (Rotterdam), AFK, De Appel, W139, Paradiso; cultural events, lecture series, film programs like The Weight of Colour, A New Divide?; brand design for Puma, Ace & Tate.


Grandma was just making a sweater. Or was she?


DURING WORLD WAR I, A grandmother in Belgium knitted at her window, watching the passing trains. As one train chugged by, she made a bumpy stitch in the fabric with her two needles. Another passed, and she dropped a stitch from the fabric, making an intentional hole. Later, she would risk her life by handing the fabric to a soldier—a fellow spy in the Belgian resistance, working to defeat the occupying German force.


David Kulen (1986, The Netherlands) studied Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam following his studies in Rotterdam. He now heads Enbiun as a creative director. Enbiun is an agency for interior and graphic design. His clients include the largest bank of the Netherlands, PwC and the Dutch State. David has worked together with Nora Turato on Kazachenko’s apartment, a gallery in Oslo. Here the pair created a series of densely designed posters to accompany its shows. This collaboration led to the founding in 2016 of tapestry studio Kulenturato.


Nora Turato (1991, Zagreb, Croatia) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam and at Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem. Currently Nora Turato is resident at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam. In early 2017 she had a series of performances at Kunstwerke Berlin and her first institutional solo exhibition at NAK Aachen in Germany. Nora often collaborates with David Kulen as a graphic designer and this very collaboration led to the founding in 2016 of tapestry studio Kulenturato.


Kulenturato: kulenturato.com

Tallinn Art Hall

The Tallinn Art Hall Foundation is a contemporary art institution established in 1934 with an exhibition programme in three galleries on the central square of Tallinn – the Tallinn Art Hall, the Art Hall Gallery and the nearby City Gallery.


Tallinn Art Hall addresses the most pressing issues in contemporary art and design, provides a fascinating programme for contemporary audiences and helps creatives bring forth new exhibitions and works. The Tallinn Art Hall holds 20 to 24 exhibitions a year, making the space one of the largest and most important art and design venues in Estonia.



Visitor info

Opening times Tallinn Art Hall: Wed—Sun 12:00—18:00

Address Tallinn Art Hall: Vabaduse väljak 8, Tallinn


Opening times EAA Gallery: Tue–Sat 12:00—18:00

Address EAA Gallery: Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Tallinn


Ticket prices Tallinn Art Hall:


Full ticket: 5 €


Discount ticket: 3 €
Students, university students, Estonian pensioners, disabled people (and their companions), members of the armed forces in uniform, groups (10 or more), members of the Estonian Artists’ Association, members of the Estonian Art Teachers’ Association)


Family ticket 8 €
Up to 2 adults and their children aged 18 years or under


Free of charge
Pre-school children (and adult accompanying kindergarten groups); children from orphanages, AICA and ICOM members, IAA members, journalists with valid press cards, people repressed by foreign powers, Tallinn Card holders

NB! Discounts apply upon the presentation of the corresponding membership card/certificate (exc. children)


Visiting the exhibition at the EAA Gallery is free of charge.



Contact Signals From the Periphery: info@signalsfromtheperiphery.ee
Contact Tallinn Art Hall: info@kunstihoone.ee


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Curators: Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa
Exhibition team: Ott Metusala, Karolin Nummert, Siim Preiman, Mirjam Reili
Design: fanfare (Lotte van de Hoef & Freja Kir), Ott Kagovere & Maria Muuk, Ott Metusala, Kaisa Sööt & Koit Randmäe, Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa
Graphic Design: Asterisk, Tallinn Art Hall in-house design team Indrek Sirkel & Jan Tomson
Production: CNC Stuudio, Ott Metusala, OÜ Polli, Mihkel Lember, Kaisa Sööt & Koit Randmäe, Print24, Tekstiiliprint
Installation: Valge Kuup


Supervisors: Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja


Editing: Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa
Translation: Martin Rünk
Copy editing (Estonian): Martin Rünk
Copy editing (English): Annie Goodner
Graphic design: Asterisk
Printing: Tallinn Book Printers
Publisher: EAA Press


Development: Ranno Ait
Typefaces: Lincoln/MITRE by colophon.info (David Bennewith with Bram van den Berg), Helvetica Neue (or Arial if you’re visiting us from a PC)

Signals from the Periphery is realised with the kind support of Creative Industries Fund NL, Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Academy of the Arts, Photography department of the EAA, Tallinna Reaalkool, CNC Stuudio, Print24, HiFiClassic, De Appel and Pieter Verbeke.